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The NExT Digital Handbook currently contains 61 reproducible PDFs.  Each PDF title is listed here according to table numbers within each corresponding chapter. 

How to Engage the PDFs within the NExT Digital Handbook

  • Click on the orange ‘table # button’ to open PDFs within each chapter.

  • A reproducible (PDF) icon button is located at the bottom of each PDF.  Click to download or print.

  • Click the ‘X’ located at the top right corner of each PDF to return back to the digital handbook content.

Chapter 1:  Redefining Beginning Teacher Effectiveness 

Table 1.1 - Central Tasks of Learning to Teach 

Chapter 2:  Multiple Measures of Teacher Effectiveness

Table 2.1 - Examples of Multiple Measures of Teacher Effectiveness 

Chapter 3:  Approaches to Measuring Teaching Practice

Table 3.1 - NExT Common Metrics Surveys 

Table 3.2 - Tips for Locating First Year Teachers for Survey Administration

Table 3.3 - Template for Reporting Aligned Survey Items for Teaching Practice

Table 3.4 - Example of Reporting Aligned Survey Items for Teaching Practice

Table 3.5 - Making Sense of Multiple Measures

Chapter 4:  Local Approaches for Measuring Impact on
P-12 Students

Table 4.1 - Possible Sampling Strategies 

Table 4.2 - Teacher Recruitment Template 
Table 4.3 - Template for Principal Contacts 
Table 4.4 - Preparing for a Student Work Sample Interview 
Table 4.5 - Student Work Sample Interview Protocol 
Table 4.6 - Student Impact Rubric 
Table 4.7 - Template for Recognizing the Teacher Participant 
Table 4.8 - Focus Group on Student Impact Protocol
and Rubrics

Table 4.9 - Components of Quality Case Studies 

Table 4.10 - Survey of Student Engagement K-6 

Table 4.11 - Survey of Student Engagement 7-12 

Table 4.12 - Levels of Engagement - Adapted from Schlecty (2002) 

Table 4.13 - Impact on Student Learning Project 

Table 4.14 - Gathering Pre-Post Data on a Specific Strategy 

Table 4.15 - Comparative Group Studies of Student Learning 

Chapter 5: School Context Factors that Support Beginning Teacher Effectiveness 

Table 5.1 - Central Tasks of Learning to Teach 
Table 5.2 - School Assessments:  Data-Focused PLCs Embedded in the School Context 
Table 5.3 - Teacher Preparation Program Assessment:  Data-Focused PLCs Embedded in the Preparation Program 
Table 5.4 - Resources for Principals or Instructional Coaches about Data-Focused PLCs 
Table 5.5 - Resources for Teacher Educators about Data-Focused PLCs 
Table 5.6 - School Assessment:  Communication Systems Supporting a Collaborative School Climate

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