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  • Teacher educators

  • Educators in P-12 schools

  • P-12 school leaders

  • US context, reach beyond the 3-state collaboration


  • Use early career or beginning teacher to refer to teachers in their first 3 years of teaching

  • Use mentor teacher to refer to cooperating teachers who host teacher candidates 

  • Use teacher educators to refer to teacher preparation program instructors / faculty

  • Use supervisor to refer to principals and other instructional leaders who are responsible for the evaluation of beginning teachers

  • Use culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy (lower case)

  • Use NExT, not NExT consortium




  • When possible, use an inclusive “we” to refer to both educators in teacher preparation and P-12 schools

  • Use gender neutral language (UW-M & NCTE policies)

  • Use acronyms in very limited ways


Referencing style

  • APA style guides


Editors’ notes


  • Use teacher preparation programs to refer to programs that prepare future teachers

  • P-12 school partners

  • Use teacher candidates to refer to program enrolled students and recent program completers who are not yet beginning teachers


  • Very limited formatting has been done in order to focus on content editing

  • Text and images inside boxes can be produced as stand-alone documents

  • Links provided in this version are to outside web sources

  • No internal links are in this document… it is a straight read through. In the final web-based formatting, internal links will be provided.

  • Some groups had reference lists. Only references used in the document text and those specifically listed as resources are used in this document.

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