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How to use the digital handbook

preparation − has five standards that are used as a framework for teacher education program quality and approval.  Programs must demonstrate that they understand their program impact (Standard 4), which is the main focus of this handbook.  The standard for program impact has four components:

  • Impact on P-12 student learning and developement

  • Indicators of teaching effectiveness

  • Satisfaction of employers

  • Satisfaction of completers

This handbook is divided into distinct chapters that can be read cover-to-cover.  Each subsection, however, can be read as its own distinct topic.  The chapters and subsections also have digital links embedded within the text that allows the reader to jump to other places in the handbook that seem relevant.


Some pages provide important definitions, background information, or arguments for particular approaches to understanding and supporting teacher effectiveness.  Tools can be viewed on the page or downloaded as their own separate document that the user can share with others. 
We encourage all readers to understand the purposes and rationale behind the tools before sharing and using them.

The resources in this handbook speak directly to several aspects of this standard and will provide teacher preparation programs and their school partners with ideas and tools for gathering evidence related to these accreditation requirements.  CAEP also provides resources for gathering documents to demonstrate that standards are met, through Building an Evidence-Based System for Teacher Preparation, the CAEP Evidence Guide, and CAEP Standard 4:Program Impact

These resources also support teacher preparation programs in meeting expectations of state requirements for program review.  Please refer to the appropriate state standards and review procedures.


Connection to the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation and state standards


The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) − a national accrediting body for teacher




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