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This chapter provides some practical tools for engaging school administrators in completing the surveys that ask them to report on beginning teachers’ professional preparedness.


This NExT Supervisor Survey is administered one year following the teacher candidates’ completion of their teacher preparation program. The Supervisor Survey was designed to gain supervisors’ perspectives of first-year teachers’ readiness for the teaching profession. The survey asks supervisors to assess beginning teachers’ preparedness to use instructional practices, promote learning for diverse learners, establish a positive classroom environment, and practice as a professional. The teacher preparation program is responsible for survey administration.

The resources provided here can be used for the administration of other surveys administered by teacher preparation programs with adjustments to the text. These resources are meant to be examples and templates that can be locally adapted.

Securing administrator survey responses takes time and commitment to partnerships

Obtaining useful information about beginning teachers involves strong partnerships among higher education
faculty, P-12 school leaders, and the beginning teachers who completed teacher education programs. Response volume is needed to provide data and feedback that is representative of the program and meaningful for making data-driven decisions for improvement.  Our experience shows there is not one special or simple strategy; it takes significant time, commitment to the partnerships with schools, and persistence in securing feedback that will help program improvement efforts.

The following tools can support increasing response rates:

  1. Tips for securing supervisor responses to surveys

  2. Template email or letter to the school supervisor requesting completion of supervisor survey

  3. A PowerPoint presentation for informational meetings with school leaders who supervise beginning teachers

  4. Videos that describe the survey and its importance along with testimonials about its value for both schools and higher education

  5. Templates for social media communications regarding the Supervisor Survey

Table 7.1


Tips for Soliciting Supervisor
Responses to Surveys


Table 7.2


Template Email / Letter to School Supervisor Requesting Completion of Supervisor Survey for Teachers


Table 7.3


A Powerpoint Presentation for Informational Meetings with School Leaders who Supervise Beginning Teachers


Table 7.4


Templates for Social Media Communications Regarding the Supervisor Survey


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