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Table 5.15


Resources for Principals and Instructional Coaches about Mentoring within Induction Programs


Table 5.16


Resources for Teacher Educators about Mentoring within Induction Programs


Linking school context factors to measures of teacher effectiveness

The next chapter of this handbook provides an argument for including teacher leadership and professional engagement as indicators of teacher effectiveness.  These constructs are based on survey items that can be asked of principals reporting on first-year teachers’ performance in professional growth, collaboration with families, collaboration with colleagues, responsiveness to feedback, lawful practice, and student advocacy.


Questions about engaging in professional growth, collaborating with colleagues, and the first-year teachers’ responsiveness to feedback from peers connects to the data-focused PLC and induction with mentoring context factors.

Similarly, it is important for preparation programs to hear from beginning teachers about the context factors that are supporting their ongoing growth and development.  Several of the questions framed in the assessment tools in this section can provide some ideas for gathering this information.  However, in order to interpret the results of survey questions about leadership and professional engagement, it is important that teacher preparation programs acquire knowledge of the school context in which the first-year teacher is teaching.  Fundamentally, teacher preparation programs should inquire into these three key context factors:

  1. Are there collaborative learning opportunities such as data-focused PLCs within the school?
    a. To what extent does the beginning teacher engage           with the professional learning activities supported
         by the school?

  2. Has the communication with the school been based in a collaborative school climate?

  3. Does the beginning teacher have access to induction with mentoring?
    a. What is the quality of this induction with mentoring?
    b. To what extent does the beginning teacher engage         with the professional learning activities within the             induction program?

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